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      | » | - - He likes to think himself pretty observant, or at least take comfort in the fact that he knew his friends enough to (maybe…probably) predict what they may or may not be thinking but as she’d spoken her words, carefully observing her features now… Maybe it’s only because of that reason now that he can tell she’s trying to hold it in. 

      He’d been intending to say he’s certain of that. Yes, he wasn’t—and hasn’t always been the fashion conscious type at all. "…Curtains?" The repetition of the word didn’t make it any less familiar. "Is that what you think?" She’s definitely not the first to have said that; a slight chuckle escapes his lips.


      “Alright, very funny. I should tell the Master what you think about these curtains.” He’s not the only one to be wearing them, after all.

The laugh that threatened to spill was almost turning her cheeks red at having to hold it in. Unfortunately for Terra’s sake she couldn’t and a heavy chuckle escaped. She did feel a little bad laughing at his clothing choices but lately there hadn’t been much to laugh about. She missed them all laughing together, and while at Terra’s expense she was certain he wouldn’t mind too much.

"I’m sorry but it’s true, just a little" odd that she’d never really thought of it until now. Oh but of course he wasn’t just going to stand there and let her make fun of him, nope there was a catch. As she’d thought their Master also wore similar attire, to make fun of Terra’s was to make fun of his, although she was sure he wouldn’t be mad. "You wouldn’t!" Yeah he was going to, "well maybe he thinks they look like curtains too," maybe curtains were fashionable?




Tries her best not to laugh, least now she knew what her hair would look like pink.

"I think it suits you, maybe if you dye your clothes to match it’d go even better?"

[ outofcharms ] Hello friends I’ve been gone for a while but I think I’m gonna start working on things here again. I got tangled up in Second Son stuff but I missed being here. I’m going to sort out who I follow since I’m sure I’ve lost followers in my absence, and figuring out who I owe replies to and if people want to continue. c:

"Mary Sue" is Broken


Today I’d like to talk about the term “Mary Sue”.

Originally it was coined about badly written characters who everyone fell in love with for no reason, had tragic backstories that didn’t really affect them, super abilities, and rarely lost battles.

Another side effect often associated was force shipping. When a canon character in fanfiction or role play acts out of character in order to pair off with an original character.

However, at some point, Mary Sue began getting misused, and the core point that it was a badly written character was abandoned.

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      “I’m not… seeing things, am I…?”

Unfazed by the numerous absurdities she’d encountered across worlds, to think something like this would finally cause features to become wide with confusion. Perhaps a lack of sleep on her part caused the illusion, though why show a mirror image of herself?

I certainly am,” rubbing eyes as if doing so would dissipate the visage before her. "An illusion created by the darkness?" It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened down here. "Whatever you are, I’m not falling for cheap tricks like this!"

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