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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the l i g h t.



r a i n f e l l k e e p e r moving to ➝ rainfelled

r a i n f e l l k e e p e r moving to ➝ rainfelled

Anonymous said:
you've made me love aqua, and ive never even played her game!

[ outofcharms ] sOBS that’s a really amazing compliment tbh thank you. ; u ;b I hope you’ll consider playing BBS if you can it’s a great game. Even though I’ll be moving blogs this was a nice note to end this account on. I’m glad I was able to play her in such a likeable way (and hopefully close enough to canon) so wEEP thank and bless your face. <33


[ outofcharms ] There is a high chance that I’ll be re-making Aqua. I’ve attempted to come back here several times but it never sticks and I think a large part of that is due to everything being so…well all over the place? I’ve had such a blast on this blog and have so many great memories that I could never delete. Yet a fresh start is what I think I need for Aqua, I’ll likely just leave this blog as it is and start work on my new one.

The Keyblade Armor is a suit of armor worn by Keyblade wielders. One of its most important qualities is that it protects the wearer from the darkness surrounding the Lanes Between. However, it is also worn during battle, at the user’s discretion.

Date ! ! !! ( °٢° ) ;whisks away to go get tacos

~*T A C O S*~ she’s ttly gonna ditch him once he buys her tacos tho im js

                      You’re breaking down inside
       Armour’s cracked, set to COLLAPSE

Damn you, don’t you cry


       [ ♞ ] - - "Aw, you’re just being too modest! I’d say that was definitely hero-y," spoken with a grin, "Although I guess it would’ve been more hero-y if you smacked down an enemy upon landing. Ooh I know! That was just for practice, wasn’t it?” She has to admire people who appreciate the beauty of heroics, of course. "Cautious, huh?" Maybe she did have a point there—except that wasn’t anything to worry about. Really it was too bad this blue haired lady still didn’t know who she was, or knew what she was capable of because if she did…


                     ”Maybe you’re right, but see, there’s not much to worry about. Even if I did see something strange and they tried to hurt me, I’d just smack ‘em in the face! Well- if they did have a face.” Hesitance was clear for a moment there but she smiles again anyway. "Soooo you were gonna show me how you did it, right? Right? What was that thing anyway?" 

She wouldn’t really say it was an act of heroism, it was just something she did on a regular basis. She guessed the young woman was referring to how she looked rather than the act she was performing, after all there was nothing heroic about using her glider. "Wouldn’t it have been even more…hero-y if I’d defeated an enemy and saved someone?” Might as well play along with it. "Practice? No not really, that’s just how I travel about" something that she considered rather mundane.

Smack them in the face huh? That was one way of putting it, though somewhat reckless. You couldn’t always solve everything by smacking it as she put, something the young Master was beginning to learn. "I guess you’re right but what if the other person is stronger than you? Charging straight in without any caution at all could get you or others hurt." Not meaning to put a damper on her spirits, just some unintentional advice.

"You want me to show you?" Unsure if she should, no one was supposed to have seen her. "That thing was my glider…but I guess showing you couldn’t hurt," with a flick of her wrist Keyblade was thrown high into the air, falling back down in a bright light, her glider emerging from within.